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A compiled list of Garden catalogs and online sites is at the bottom of this article.

Have you received any garden catalogs in the mail this year? Many gardeners now go directly to a garden website when they are looking for plants to buy but there is still a big benefit to having print catalogs sent to your home.  Most garden catalogs are full of gardening advice; many give you planting charts, ideas for plant combinations and other tips.  Many catalogs can be used as references and plant ID guides.  With a number of catalogs at hand you can easily compare prices for a plant you are considering for your garden.  And prices for the same plant can vary tremendously from company to company.  A wise gardener searches through many catalogs before placing an order.

Catalogs can be browsed while sitting in a comfortable chair and flipping through them you may see plants you were unaware of or new varieties of favorite species.  Some catalogs are so beautiful you’ll want them just to look at when winter is long and dark.   Catalogs often offer special discounts and deals that you can get even if you go to the website to actually place your order. You can fill out the enclosed order sheet then instead of mailing it in, proceed to the website to order.  Having a list of plants you want to purchase before you go to a garden store website can save you a lot of time. 

When shopping garden catalogs do remember that photos are often touched up to make flowers look a different color or larger and plants look bigger and fuller.  And when you compare prices make sure you are comparing the same thing.  Bareroot or potted, 4 inch pot or 1 gallon size, prices vary by size and condition of the plant.  The best catalogs also provide scientific, (Latin) names for all but the most common plants so that a common name won’t confuse you as to what plant you are actually buying.

Another thing to consider when purchasing plants from a catalog is the shipping cost.  Some places also add a packing fee.  Compare those prices as well as the plant cost.  You may want to source plants grown in a nursery in your planting zone or a lower zone.  These may adjust easier to your garden.  Also always check the hardiness zone carefully.  A trend among some catalogs lately has been to use a little trick where they list a species as hardy from zone 3-11 and then in small print you’ll see “ must bring inside before frost in zones 3-7”. 

So how do you get catalogs sent to your door?  Generally you need to request them.  Do this early before supplies run out.  Once you purchase something from a company you may receive a catalog automatically but some companies no longer do this.  Since you are reading this on line you will probably be able to simply click on the links below and find a button to request a catalog.  But people can also write to garden stores and request catalogs after getting the address on line.

This list below was compiled in 2017. Updated listings 2020. It's in alphabetical order and gives a short summary of what the catalog offers. I try to update listings from time to time as I discover new garden catalogs.  Most of the companies listed send catalogs free or have on line catalogs.  Because a company is on this list does not imply any recommendation for that company.  And undoubtedly there are some companies who offer garden catalogs that aren’t included here. If you have a garden catalog that isn't listed or know of one please send me an email and I'll check it out and include it.  In some cases the link will take you directly to a request for a print catalog, in others you’ll need to browse the site for that link.  And you don’t have to ask for a catalog when you use these links – you can start shopping immediately.

Garden catalogs - retail- some have only online catalogs

Almost Eden – exotic and rare, southern native plants, online only

Aloha Tropicals- tropicals, unusual plants, charges $5 for catalog but you can shop on line  

Adaptive Seeds- open pollinated and organic seed, Pacific Northwest natives

American Meadows -wildflower seeds and perennials

Annies Annuals- interesting annual and some perennial flowers, seeds and plants,  print and online

Annies Heirlooms- only heirloom seeds paper catalog and online

Antique Rose Emporium- old roses, heirlooms

Bakers Creek Heirloom seeds- mostly vegetables, organic and heirloom as well as modern, print and online

BD Lilies – lilies of all kinds

Bluestem Nursery- ornamental grasses, willows, some perennials, Canadian company

Bluestone Perennials- plants- perennials, print and online  

Bloom River Gardens- azaleas, ornamental trees, shrubs and vines

Botanically Inclined- rare and wildflower seeds

Botanical Interests heirloom seeds, vegetables, flowers

Bountiful Gardens- vegetable seed, cover crop seed, home grains

Brecks- flower bulbs

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs- bulbs and some perennials

Broken Arrow Nursery- rare and unusual trees, shrubs, perennials

Brushwood Nursery – clematis, native vines

Burgess flowers and vegetables, print and online

Burpee’s flower and vegetable seed,s print and on line

California Carnivores- carnivorous plants

Camellia Forest Nursery- camellias,  unusual Asian trees and shrubs

Carter seed potato farm -organic seed potatoes

Chiltern Seeds- UK – ships to US- vegetable and flower seed

Cistus Nursery- Mediterranean climate, southern hemisphere, hardy tropical plants

Classy Groundcovers- multi packs of ground covers and common perennials

Color Blends- large quantity sales, high quality flower bulbs, print and on line

Conifer Kingdom – unusual conifers and Japanese maples

Cultivariable- mostly tuber crops, potatoes and rare tubers on line catalog

Currie's Daylily Farm - specialize in daylilies and grow over 400 varieties,

Dancing Oaks Nursery and Garden- perennials, bulbs, grasses trees and shrubs online

Dave Wilson Fruit Trees- fruit- may not have printed catalog.

David Austin Roses- roses, online and print catalog

Day lily and Hosta Garden- daylilies, hosta, few other things

Digging Dog Nursery-unusual perennials, trees, shrubs

Double Helix Farms-  seed for new varieties of vegetables

Edelweiss Perennials- specializing in choice perennials of which many aren't commonly known, the good old and sometimes almost lost, as well as the new, mail order

Edmunds Roses- primarily roses print and on line

Eustace Daylilies - daylilies on line

Exciting Gardens- plants, bulbs

Fancy Fronds Nursery - Ferns

Farmer Seed and Nursery, seeds and plants

Fedco Seeds- Northeast hardy flower and vegetable seeds-potatoes, garlic, onion sets

Filaree Farm -garlic, potatoes

Forest Farm -trees, some perennials

Fraser’s Thimble Farms- rare and native plants, must mail or fax orders, Canadian- ships to US

Fruition Seeds- organic vegetable, flower seeds

Gilbert Wild- daylilies, peonies, iris, canna, dahlia

Glasshouse works- terrarium and miniature plants

Gossler Farms- trees and shrubs

Grand Teton Organic Seed Potatoes- potatoes, online

Great Garden Plants- many on line plant sales

Green Mountain Hosta- hundreds of hosta varieties, good prices, on line catalog

Grow Organic- organic seeds, plants

Gurneys seed and Nursery- seeds, plants, supplies, print and on line  

Harris Seeds- vegetables

Henry Fields- vegetables and flowers, print and online

Hidden Valley Hibiscus- tropical hibiscus – wonderful for hibiscus lovers

High Country Gardens interesting, unusual and drought resistant plants

High Mowing Seeds- organic seed, vegetables, herbs, flowers

Horizon Herbs- medicinal plants and seeds  

Hudson Valley Seeds-  seeds of vegetables, flowers, herbs

Inter-State Nurseries- perennials, roses, trees

Irish Eyes potatoes, vegetables, fruit plants seeds on line only

Izel plants   coordinates offerings from various native plant companies -native plants  bareroot and potted,  on line

Jackson and Perkins – roses, perennial plants, print and on line 

JL Hudson Seedsman – seedbank with numerous species for sale

John Scheepers- flower bulbs, print and on line

Johnny’s Seeds- vegetable seed, flowers, print and on line catalogs

Joy Creek Nursery- clematis, perennials, shrubs

Jung Seed flowers and vegetables, print and on line

Kartuz Greenhouses- Begonias, gesneriads, hoyas, passionflowers, other exotic and rare plants

Kelly Nurseries, perennials, trees, shrubs, print and online

Kitazawa Seed Company- US seller of Asian vegetable seeds

Kitchen Garden Seeds- vegetable and herb seeds and plants, print and online

Klehms Song Sparrow Nursery- perennials, woody plants, grasses

Landreth seed company- oldest US catalog veg and herbs, on line and print catalog

Lazy S S Farm- Rare and New plus Time Tested  Perennials, Shrubs and Trees

Leafari - bulbs, perennials on line

Lebeau Bamboo- bamboo specialist, trees, shrubs, perennials on line

Lemon-Citrus Tree Store- citrus and a few other fruiting plants

Lily Garden- lilies

Logee’s- tropical container and patio plants, unusual fruits, succulents, houseplants, print and online

Maine Potato Lady – potatoes, onions, garlic on line

McClure and Zimmerman – flower bulbs, print and online

McKay Nursery- northern grown trees, shrubs, perennials
Midwest ChileHeads- Chile pepper seeds and powder

MiGardener- limited selection of inexpensive seeds, garden merchandise

Mischel’s Greenhouse- container annuals, pre-planned container collections

Mountaincrest Gardens- online source for succulents of all kinds, plug trays  
Mountain Rose Herbs- herbs and spices, plants, seeds, dried product

Musser Forest- trees, some native plants, print and online

Native Seeds-  native food seeds from southwestern US and Mexico, non-profit

Natural Gardening company – seeds, mostly veg

Nature Hills Nursery – trees, shrubs, roses on line catalog

New Hampshire  Hostas – hosta and companion plants on line catalog

Niche Gardens- native perennials

Nichols Garden Nursery-  seeds- herbs, flowers, vegetables, and garlic, saffron

Northern Grown Hostas and Perennials—hosta, perennials, plants

Northland Rosarium - Roses

Oakes Daylilies- daylilies, print and online

Oikos Tree Crops-  nut and fruit trees and unusual edible plants, northern hardy, print and online

Old House Gardens- rare antique flower bulbs

One Green World- fruit and nut trees, edibles

Outside Pride Seeds-  seeds of grasses, clovers, groundcovers, wildflowers, pasture mixes

Park seed - seeds, plants, flowers, vegetables, print and online

Peaceful Valley Farm- organic seeds- fruit trees, berries, supplies

Peace Seeds- native varieties, landraces- unusual seeds and tubers

Peony’s Envy-peony plants

Perennial Nursery- variety of perennial plants, Michigan

Pernell Gerver -  perennials, houseplants, tropicals, herbs, wildflowers, supplies

Pine Knot Farms- hellebores

Pinetree Gardens– vegetable and herb seeds, soap and candle supplies

Plant Delights- many unusual perennial plants, succulents

Plant World Seeds- seeds of all kinds shipped globally

Potato Garden- potatoes of all types

Prairie Nursery- wildflowers 

Prairie Road Organic Seed- organic vegetable seed

Raintree Nursery -trees, shrubs, rare fruit, container plants, some native perennials

Rare Find Nursery- rhododendrons, azaleas, native plants, perennials, trees, shrubs

Regan Roses- bare root roses

Renee’s Garden no print catalog, antique and heirloom seeds and plants

RH Shumway-vegetables, flowers, farm and cover crop seeds, print and online

Richters –Canadian- herbs-plants and seeds, print and online

Robs Rare and Giant Seeds- oddities and seeds for extra large plants

Rolling River Nursery- organic fruit trees, berries, roses, native plants

Romence Gardens- annuals, perennials, native plants, shrubs, small trees, on line catalog

Roots and Rhizomes- daylilies, hosta, other bare root perennial plants, print and online

Rosemania – rose plants

Roycroft Daylilies- daylilies

Sacred Succulents- variety of rare succulents and other plants. Andean tuber plants. On line catalog but they do not have on line shopping, you must print an order form and mail an order.

Saksa Daylily farm- daylilies

Sand Hill Preservation Center- rare seeds, sweet potato plants, poultry

Sample Seed Shop- small packages of a wide variety of seeds

Schreiners Gardens -bearded iris, some perennials, print and online

Secret Garden – rare, unusual and heirloom perennials, shrubs, grasses, natives

Seeds and Such- unusual garden flower/vegetable/herb seeds, print and online

Seeds From Italy- US supplier of Italian varieties of vegetables, flowers, fruits

Seeds of Change- organic vegetable seeds

Seeds Now- vegetable and flower seeds, sampler packs, on line

Select Seeds – rare and unusual flowers, some veggies, seeds and plants, print and online

Seedman -unusual and rare seeds from around the world, flowers and vegetables,

Seed Savers- heirloom and open pollinated seeds

Shady Hill Gardens-  specialty geraniums (pelargoniums)

Silene Nursery – odd and unusual plants, annual and biannual

Simply Succulents- hardy and house succulents

Siskiyou Seeds- organic and open pollinated seed vegetables, herbs, flowers

Smokey’s Daylily gardens

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange- heirloom and organic seed – southwest US favorites

Sow True Seed- heirloom and open pollinated vegetable seed

Springhill Nurseries-flowers, some trees, print and online

Squaw Mountain Gardens- succulents, sedum, rock garden plants

S and S Seeds- California native plant seeds

Star roses and plants- roses, perennial plants

Stark Brothers- fruit trees, some ornamental trees, perennials, print and online. Please note- Stark Brothers and Millers nursery have merged.

Stokes Tropicals- tropical on line catalog, lots of info

Strictly Medicinal Seeds-  herb seeds, plants, dried herbs, , extracts, cacti and succulents

Sunshine Flower Seeds- cottage garden flower seeds

Sustainable Seed Co.- heirloom garden seeds, grains

Swallowtail Garden Seeds- rare and unique seeds, flower, vegetable, herb

Swan Island Dahlias- dahlias

Tatiana’s Tomato Base- heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables- seeds

Territorial Seeds- vegetables, some flowers, seeds

Tomato Growers- tomatoes, peppers, seeds, plants

Thompson and Morgan - British seed company – US on line catalog link- you may be able to get a print catalog if you pay for it.

Thyme Garden Herb Company- herbs- hops

Top Tropicals- tropical and unusual plants

Totally Tomatoes- tomatoes, peppers, print and on line

Tree’s of Antiquity-  antique fruit trees

Tropical Treasures plumeria, airplants

Uprising Organics- organic seeds

Urban Farmer -vegetable seeds- geared for Urban gardens

Van Bourgondien bulb company- flower bulbs, print and  online

Van Engelen- Flower bulbs, print and on line

Vermont Bean- Beans and vegetable seeds

Vermont Willow Nursery- specializes in willows of all kinds

Veseys Seeds vegetables and flowers, print and on line

Victory seeds- vegetable seed

Waterford Gardens- water lilies, pond plants, fish, pond supplies

Wayside Gardens -perennials, some trees, shrubs plants, print and on line

Well-Sweep Herb Farm – herbs, perennials, dried flowers

White Flower Farm- flowers, some trees, shrubs plants, print and on line

Wild Garden Seed- organic vegetable and flower seed

Wild Seed Farms wildflower seeds

Wilkerson Mill Gardens- hydrangeas

Willhite Seed- melons specialty, vegetables, seeds, print and online

Winterberry Iris- on line iris catalog

Wood Prairie Farm- organic seed potatoes, home grains, cover crops, vegetables

Woodlanders- perennials, rare plants, exotics

Miscellaneous category-

A.M. Leonard Company- tools and supplies

 Gardeners Supply- Gardening supplies free catalog

Gardens Alive -some plants, natural garden supplies, beneficial insects

Wholesale Catalogs/ online and print

Bailey Nursery - wholesale  perennials, landscape plants

Concept Plants- new and unusual plants wholesale

Darwin perennials - wholesale

Growing colors variety of plants, bulbs  wholesale

Intrinsic Perennials - wholesale

JBerry Nursery-wholesale perennials, shrubs

J. Frank Schmidt and Sons, trees, landscape  wholesale

Jellito Seed - wholesale seed

McKay Nursery northern grown perennials wholesale

Mountain State Wholesale Nursery- dry, desert landscape plants

Sunny Border wholesale- container landscape plants, perennials

Van Hemert & Co Seeds- wholesale vegetable and flower seed



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